Cancer Patient Advocate, Dr. Peter Edelstein
Dr. Peter Edelstein

The Surgeon & Clinician

Peter Edelstein MD, FACS, FASCRS, is a passionate cancer patient advocate, honored educator, and experienced surgeon. After graduating from Stanford University with Distinction, "Dr. E" received his Doctor of Medicine from the renowned University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. During his training at the University of Chicago, Dr. E first felt "the call" to care for those suffering from cancer and their loved ones during his third year while rotating on the surgical services. Here, as a young medical student, Dr. E first experienced not only the medical and surgical needs of men and women suffering from cancer, but also also began to appreciate the emotional, psychological, social, financial, and other strains and needs that impact those who have or love someone with malignant disease. While proceeding through surgical internship, residency, and subsequently serving as Chief Resident in the Department of Surgery at the University of California, San Diego, Dr. E spent an additional two years training in the University's Surgical Oncology (Cancer) cellular research lab. After seven years in surgical training and cancer research, Dr. E left beautiful California to experience the joy that is winter in Minnesota. In truth, Dr. E was honored to be offered a coveted Surgical Fellowship at the acclaimed University of Minnesota Colon & Rectal Surgery program. With an intense focus on gastrointestinal malignancies (as well as benign surgical conditions of the intestines), Dr. E completed his training and was off to care for cancer patients!

All grown up (surgically speaking, as by this time he was well into his thirties), Dr. E spent the next years in large community hospitals in San Diego providing surgical care to numerous patients, including many cancer patients. But his passion for educating medical students, interns, and residents led Dr. E to join the Surgical Faculty at the highly respected Stanford University School of Medicine, where he served as the medical school's sole Colon & Rectal Surgeon as well as Associate Residency Program Director.

Today, Dr. E is among an elite group of American surgeons who are board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Colon & Rectal Surgery. He is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons as a Fellow in the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons. Dr. E has authored and co-authored numerous papers and book chapters. He has been a distinguished editor of a major cancer encyclopedia as well as the sole editor of his own book on Colon & Rectal Cancer.

But a career in the operating room was only the beginning of Dr. E's journey...

The Small Surgical Company Physician Executive

After several years caring for cancer patients and educating young doctors at Stanford, Dr. E was driven by his entrepreneurial nature into the world of Silicon Valley, where he was twice a founding officer (including President & CEO) of venture capital-financed surgical companies. After a decade of leading these companies in the financing, design & development, pre-clinical and clinical testing, and commercialization of surgical devices, including extensive experience with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Dr. E again searched for new experiences...

The Large Healthcare Company Physician Executive

Dr. E currently serves as "Head of House" & Chief Medical Officer for MEDai/Elsevier, a predictive analytics healthcare value improvement company, as well as Vice President of Elsevier Clinical Solutions. Elsevier is the world's largest publisher of scientific and medical "content;" that is, virtually every journal and book sitting on the shelf of every physician office (not to mention in their bathrooms) is published by Elsevier. At Elsevier, Dr. E partners with talented healthcare innovators do drive the new healthcare reform, with the goal of improving the quality and cost of patient care.

The Cancer Patient Advocate And Dynamic Speaker

Dr. E is a highly sought-after speaker and presenter with a gift for translating complex medical topics into concepts that can clearly be appreciated and acted upon by anyone. He combines this gift with humor, honesty, knowledge, and "infectious enthusiasm," allowing Dr. E's audiences to not only learn the critical definitions and issues relating to their own cancer, but also empowering those suffering from cancer and their loved ones to take ownership of their cancer and partner with their doctors in choosing and navigating the right course for OWNING THEIR CANCER!

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